If you are looking at ways to do business more effectively, then you may have already considered investing in a leased line solution for your company. By making this simple change to the way you access the internet, communicate and do business with your customers, you can significantly impact productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, your profitability. 

Put simply, a leased line is a private dedicated internet connection, providing ultra-fast links for data sharing and communications.    

A leased line differs from standard broadband connections in a few fundamental ways. Where ADSL shares your access with local users at the same time, leased lines offer private networks for the sole use of your business, or shared among a handful of others – we will get into more detail on that later. 

Broadband connections are ideal for domestic use, where usage needs often demand less bandwidth. However, when you have a team that requires services such as video conferencing, remote server access and high-speed data transfer, the limitations of ADSL connections begin to show. In a business context, this is at best frustrating, and in the worst case, a threat to your bottom line. 

To help you understand whether a leased line is the right choice for your company, we have highlighted five ways they can increase productivity, cut costs, and grow your business. 


They offer serious speed. 

An ultra-fast full-fibre network is key element to the speed advantage leased lines have over ADSL connections. By removing the reliance on copper wiring, there is no slowdown when accessing information, transferring data and communicating with others around the world. Better yet, the data speed is synchronous, ensuring information can travel just as fast in either direction, making utilisation of cloud-based services a breeze. With fibre networks offering gigabit speeds and low-contention rates, data speed slowdowns are eliminated at peak times, making the switch to a leased line solution could seriously supercharge your company’s productivity. 


They boost your bandwidth. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing a slowdown in your connection. Whether it is a conference call that drops out or a simple PDF that takes forever to download, limited bandwidth can be an irritating throttle on your team’s output. More often than not, it is often the number of people sharing a single connection that causes these issues. We refer to it as line contention. While ADSL connections share your access to the internet with multiple businesses, a leased line offers the option to share available bandwidth with much fewer companies, or even, not share at all. This is what is known as a contended or uncontended connection. The former sees your access split between no more than eight sites, with the latter giving your site access to all the available bandwidth, making those irritating slowdowns a thing of the past! 


They guarantee to keep you running. 

Business-grade service level agreements, promising 99.9% uptime is one of the key benefits when opting for leased line solutions. With distributed teams becoming the ‘new normal’ their ability to connect and communicate from wherever they are working has never been more critical. Ensuring these links are maintained in the event of an issue is vital, which is why stability and rapid repairs, with response times as short as six hours, are offered to keep your business running at full steam no matter what. 


They slash your telephone costs. 

Secure, stable connections remove the need for your company’s reliance on traditional, costly ISDN solutions. With advances in VoIP technology offering a host of alternative communications solutions for your business, leased lines provide an opportunity to migrate your telephone systems from ISDN. Making the switch not only cuts your call charges but offers your team the ability to do business from anywhere, accessing their office line wherever they are. The savings made here are often so significant that companies can find themselves achieving ROI from these eliminated costs alone. 


They free your team. 

At this stage, I’m sure we are all in agreement that the turn of the decade has brought about the biggest shake-up to the working environment in recent years. Those with nimble networks suffered the least when it came to ensuring the continuity of their businesses in the wake of social distancing. The scale of change brought about this year is so significant, that a return to the way things were looks increasingly unlikely. With that in mind, freeing your team to work effectively from wherever they are is a challenge many businesses are having to navigate. This is the trump card offered by leased line solutions. Their speed, stability and security give your people the freedom to work effectively and efficiently from wherever they choose – giving them the chance to dedicate their focus on the task in hand. 


If you are looking at ways to position your business for continued growth, then a leased line can offer an efficient solution to save costs, and increase your team’s productivity. 

As gigabit-capable networks, like those offered through the Faster Britain initiative, expand across the country, leased lines are becoming available to more and more businesses.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to get your company connected, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss the available options with you. 

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