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What Is a 3CX Phone System?

Discover The Award-Winning 3CX Platform
And Set Your Business Free

What Is A 3CX Phone System

Take Back Control

With the most flexible phone system platform designed for modern businesses

Reduce Your Costs

With a pricing model that allows for unlimited user extensions at no additional cost

Enjoy More Freedom

With the most advanced mobility and security features you can work from anywhere

Unreliable Telecoms are Failing Your Business

Don’t Let Poor Service Hold You Back

Unreliable Support: waiting days or even weeks for essential fixes leaves your business vulnerable.

❌ Limited Flexibility: Clunky, inflexible systems make basic changes a frustrating challenge.

Skyrocketing Costs: Constantly increasing charges cut into your profits and impact growth.

❌ Unfulfilled Promises: Providers prioritise profits over delivering the dependable service you deserve.

This puts your business behind, frustrates your employees, and annoys your customers.

It doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

Book a demo of 3CX today and discover how a modern and reliable phone system, that’s designed for you, will set your business free.


Creating Freedom in Communication

How 3CX Will Set Your Business Free

Total Control

You have total control of the design, setup, hosting and support of your 3CX system.

COST Reduction

Reduce costs with unlimited user extensions and low-cost calls with your choice of VoIP provider

Powerful Features

3CX is packed with features that will enhance your business communications.

Regular Updates

New features, bug fixes and advanced integrations are regulalry being released.

3CX is crafted to provide freedom and flexibility, breaking away from the constraints of traditional phone systems. It puts control back into your hands, enabling a responsive, dynamic approach to business communication.

With Zen Systems and 3CX, you experience not just technological liberation, but a strategic advantage, allowing your business to thrive in an ever-changing commercial landscape.

We Know How It Feels

Running a business is hard

It’s a lot of pressure and responsibility. Constantly juggling costs, whilst ensuring your employees and customers are happy. And that’s why it’s so crucial to have access to reliable systems and partners that support your business as it grows.

And that’s especially true when it comes to your business phone system. And yet, so many providers and systems seem promising at first, but fail to deliver when you most need them. The time and energy lost dealing with unreliable service, extended downtimes, and indifferent support can be devastating. We understand the frustration that comes from being let down, and how this can ripple through every aspect of your operation—from customer satisfaction to employee morale.

At Zen Systems, we recognise that your phone system is the lifeline of your business. It’s not just about making calls; it’s about ensuring connections with clients are seamless and professional. You need a system and a partner that won’t just promise excellent service but will deliver it consistently, supporting your business’s dynamic needs. This is why we offer a partnership and a platform that you can rely on—no matter what.

Zen Systems 3CX Platinum Partner
3CX Advanced Certified Platinum Partner

15 Years Working with 3CX

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Top-Rated Support You Can Rely On

Great Team And Support!

We have trusted Zen Systems for the last 8 years and have always found the team to be very willing and able to support on all our IT and telecom needs.

Karen Hedger – Bright Selection

Excellent Service And...

Excellent service and extremely reliable. Zen Systems are always quick to reply and solve any issues. And it’s a bonus they are all nice people!

Amy Lord – Flying Fox

A Fantastic Service Provider

We’ve been using Zen Systems now for over 4 years and honestly can’t fault the service we’ve received. Their staff are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Alex Cameron – Depiqd

Absolutely Impeccable Service

Absolutely impeccable service. Very good value. Very impressive all around!

Katie Greengrass – Mac & Miller

How to get started with 3CX


In three easy steps.

Book A Demo

Book a demo and discover 3CX’s award-winning platform

Choose Your Plan

Choose the 3CX plan from Zen Systems that sets your business free

Set Your Business Free

Feel the freedom of a phone system that’s been designed for your unique business

Choose Your Plan

We believe every business has the right to a phone system that sets their business free

But freedom is different for everyone.

Freedom for one business is total control over their phone system. And freedom to another business, is knowing that a trusted partner is taking care of everything.

At Zen Systems, our mission is to guide you into finding your communications freedom.

Fully Managed 3CX

A Fully Managed 3CX plan from Zen Systems gives you the freedom to focus on running your business.

We include 3CX Licensing, Hosting, FREE UK Landline & Mobile Minutes and Unlimited Support

Self Managed 3CX

A Self Managed 3CX plan from Zen Systems gives you total control over your phone system.

We guide you in selecting the best 3CX license, hosting, and VoIP Provider(s) for your unique needs. 

Set Your Business Free

With a 3CX Phone System from Zen Systems

At Zen Systems, our passion and purpose is to help businesses find their communications freedom—specifically, through the versatility of the 3CX platform. We understand that freedom in communication varies: for some, it means complete control over their phone system, seamlessly managing every aspect internally. For others, freedom comes from knowing that a trusted partner, like Zen Systems, is expertly handling all aspects of their setup.

Navigating the challenges of traditional phone systems—such as excessive costs, rigidity, and unreliable support—can hinder business progress. These issues often complicate what should be simple, making it difficult for businesses to thrive. This is where our expertise with 3CX shines. We offer tailored guidance, whether you’re looking to self-manage your 3CX Phone System or prefer a fully managed service, we are here to give you a plan for success.

Our passion at Zen Systems is to equip your business with phone system that not only meets but exceeds your communication needs. We are more than just a service provider; we are a partner dedicated to your growth and success.

Our mission is to facilitate your journey to freedom, by unlocking the powerful capabilities of the 3CX platform, tailored to your unique needs. Choose Zen Systems, and take the first step towards achieving the success your business deserves.

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Free Landline & Mobile Calls

Get free calls throughout your trial.

Try Out Advanced Integrations

Check advanced integrations work the way you need.

Use Your Own Telephone Numbers

Make real business calls with your own telephone numbers.

No Hardware Needed

Start making calls instantly with apps and clients.