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Faster Britain gives your business access to ultrafast fibre connectivity.

The Network is expanding at pace across the UK, with new areas being announced frequently.

What is Faster Britain?

Faster Britain is an ultrafast, digital fibre network that’s being rolled out across the UK.

The business world is evolving and technology is at the heart of this evolution, with the single key requirement for any business to grow and thrive in this digital economy, being access to high speed, reliable Internet. Whether it’s connecting to servers, accessing cloud-based apps or running IP-based services, superior connectivity is a common denominator amongst successful businesses, no matter their size.

How does Faster Britain help UK Businesses?

Ultrafast full fibre connectivity allows businesses to scale and communicate in uniquely effective ways. As copper-based services become increasingly obsolete, it is becoming less a luxury and more a necessity. Indeed, it is now a key hygiene factor for the modern business and for citizens that live and consume services online.

The problem is, high speed connectivity isn’t currently available to everyone and digging up roads and laying down fibre, is both time consuming and costly. Faster Britain is solving this problem by re-using existing infrastructure to rapidly accelerate access to fibre services across the UK.

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Faster Britain Benefits

Synchronous Speeds

You get the same speed up and down.

Faster Access To Cloud Services

Leverage the true power of the Cloud with a blazing fast gigabit connection.

Reduce Your Telecoms Costs

With an ultra fast gigabit connection, you can switch your telecoms to VoIP and save against the cost of ISDN phone lines.

Business Grade SLAs

With a 99.99% uptime service level agreement, you can be confident your business is always online.

Great For Home Working

Your entire team can work from home and all connect at the same time to the office over VPN, without any bottlenecks.

Faster Backups

With increased upload speeds you can securely backup all of your business data offsite, taking full advantage of hybrid cloud services.

Faster Britain comprises a footprint of 23 gigabit networks across the UK, and growing, as its full fibre rollout accelerates.

Faster Britain Location Map

Current Projects

Glaisdale Parkway, Bilborough

Project status: Network Build and Fibre Rollout.
Estimated Live Date: 30/09/2020

Project Mission: To build and install a fibre optic network in the Glaisdale Park Industrial Estate, providing fast, easy and cost effective access to Gigabit capable broadband speeds for all businesses in the local area.

Faster Britain Bilborough

Faster Britain Services

Fibre Bright

Up to 10Gbps Upload and Download
1:1 Contention Ratio
99.99% Uptime Service Level Guarantee
6Hr Break/Fix
Multiple Static IPs

From £199 per month

Fibre Light

Up to 500Mbps Upload and Download
8:1 Contention Ratio
99.99% Uptime Service Level Guarantee
6Hr Break/Fix
Multiple Static IPs

From £99 per month

We work with businesses, local authorities and partners to rapidly extend the Faster Britain network by utilising existing infrastructure.


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