3CX Teams Integration

3CX Phone System natively integrates with Microsoft Teams, providing businesses with a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft 365’s Calling Plans.

3CX Micorosft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams 3CX Integration Highlights

3CX natively integrates all of its business telephone features with Microsoft Teams in its latest major release. Here are the highlights and why it’s such a powerful game-changing combination.

Call Your External Contacts From Microsoft Teams

Call your address book and speed dial contacts directly from Microsoft Teams, and the call is made via your 3CX Phone System’s SIP Trunk.

Reduce Call Costs With Low-cost 3CX SIP trunks

Reduce the cost of your calls by replacing Microsoft 365 calling plans with our low-cost international call tariffs and inclusive UK call bundles.

Full Phone System In Microsoft Teams

Take advantage of 3CX’s suite of advanced telephony features, like call queues and call recording, fully integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Say goodbye to expensive Teams Direct Routing solutions

Other Teams Direct Routing solutions [that add business telecoms into Microsoft Teams] either charge expensive Session Border Control (SBC) licensing costs or a per-user monthly fee that can quickly add up if you have a lot of users.

With 3CX’s native integration with Teams, there aren’t any SBC or additional per user integration fees. All you need is a 3CX system and either of the following Microsoft licenses:


Advanced call reporting, all in one place

All the calls your business makes via the Microsoft Teams integration with 3CX are recorded in your 3CX system’s database. So it doesn’t matter where calls are made from; be it the Teams client, 3CX Mobile Apps, the 3CX Web Client, or physical handsets, they all end up in a central database where you can report on them.

Call recording compliance that doesn’t break the bank

If your business is required to store call recordings for an extended period of time to meet compliance regulations, this can become an expensive overhead, especially when storing them directly with Microsoft.

And it’s this very concern that’s stopped many regulated businesses from using other Teams Direct Routing solutions in the past. Until now! With 3CX’s native integration with Microsoft Teams, all of the calls you make from Teams are automatically recorded in the low-cost, scalable storage we provide with your 3CX system.

Teams & 3CX POC

Get a 45-day Proof of Concept trial to fully test the Microsoft Teams integration with 3CX. Includes a 3CX Enterprise license key, complete integration setup, inclusive minutes and unlimited support.

1 simultaneous call per 3-4 people works best for most businesses. For example, if you have 50 people, you’ll need a 16 SC license. If you’re unsure, buy your license using this ratio and you can easily upgrade it later if needed.

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