VoIP Can Save Your Business Money

VoIP gives 90% Cost reduction on international calls

A recent study suggests VoIP can reduce your company’s international call charges by up to 90%.

VoIP reduces local call costs by up to 40%

Due to included minutes and other benefits, businesses can reduce their call costs by up to 40%.

VoIP Saves Businesses with 30 phones £1000 per month

By switching to VoIP, businesses with 30 phones can save more than £1000, according to a recent study in PC World.

VoIP offers up to 92% savings on telecom maintenance

VoIP is cheap and easy to maintain, so your company can cut maintenance costs up to 92%.

VoIP is free to call between multiple sites

VoIP calls are free when you call between sites, all using VoIP.

VoIP Improves Employee Experience

Staff save an average of 32 minutes every day with VoIP

Due to the speed and clarity of VoIP, it saves employees an average of half an hour (32 minutes) every day.

VoIP calls transmit over a wider frequency than normal calls

Regular calls use a frequency between 300 Hz – 3400 Hz, but VoIP calls are between 300 Hz – 7000 Hz, resulting in much higher call quality.

No phone is necessary to use VoIP

Although many people prefer it, VoIP calls do not need a phone. You can use a desktop, laptop or tablet.

You can use VoIP on your mobile

VoIP is not just tied to your desk – you can use VoIP on your mobile too.

‍VoIP Technical Information

VoIP providers are governed by Ofcom

As with all other service providers, VoIP providers are obliged to report to Ofcom and are regulated by it.

‍In 2025, all UK businesses will need VoIP

BT announced in 2025 they will switch off the ISDN network, requiring all businesses to move to a VoIP solution.

‍A full VoIP solution requires NO onsite hardware

A hosted VoIP phone system uses proven cloud technology to provide a unified communications environment, without the need for on-site hardware.

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