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by | Dec 10, 2019 | Case Studies

“What is unique, I think, and is certainly different from dealing with bigger companies, is that you can access any of the people you need, whether it’s account management or technical support.”

Jenny Carter, IT Manager, Framlingham College

“Peace of mind is rarely found in IT departments, generally due to the fear that anything that can go wrong will. Competing demands of every department in an organisation, frequent technical frustrations and lack of support make life more difficult still.

That makes good service more valuable often than the product installed. “We picked Zen for their expertise in the telephony system they proposed,” says Jenny Carter, IT Manager at Framinglingham College but we found that their real value lies in the after sales.”

Zen installed 3CX, to update a creaking telephone system, and, as is usual with education contracts, found that timing was critical. “The project had to be planned,” explained Jenny, “We always have to try to squeeze changes like this into a holiday period.” Inevitably, you’re competing with every other departmental project as they all get scheduled for half-term or other holidays.

In general the installation went smoothly, switching from an old PBX to a digital system and updating handsets across the organisation. “We’ve had a few niggling little things – not big issues by any means – but they’re always ready to respond and resolve things quickly.”

“You always need support with these systems, and it’s good to know you can speak to them if an issue arises.”

Jenny feels that what helps to make Zen stand out is the mix of talents on the team.

“They’re very personable, but also very technical if you need it. It’s a good team they’ve got [at Zen], with a good balance between the client-facing and the technical sides of the business.”

That support and talent is available to every client of Zen, large or small, as Jenny Carter reveals “We’re sure we’re not a very significant business for them, but they never make us feel like that.”

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