Cloud versus on-premise? It’s a question our clients regularly ask, the answer to which depends on both your business and its exact requirements. Regardless of the technology in question, there are plenty of options to choose for both a cloud or on-premise installation. But when it comes to your wireless network, a cloud-managed solution is proving to be an increasingly popular option for many businesses, particularly from a network management perspective.

What is a cloud-managed wireless network?

A cloud-managed wireless network is simply a way to manage and control your business’s wireless network remotely through resources in the cloud, rather than using on-site network controllers or management software. Here are six reasons why a cloud-managed wireless solution could fit the needs of your business:

1. Dashboard deployed

Cloud-managed wireless networks are simple to deploy and manage. This is because a cloud-managed wireless service provides a single point of entry to provision, troubleshoot, configure and protect your wireless network. This simplified network management system is usually provided via an online portal, allowing you to remotely monitor and troubleshoot any issues with your wireless network.

For example, Cisco’s Meraki system is designed to require a minimal amount of network management and monitoring. It provides you with complete visibility and control over your entire wireless network, without the complexity and cost of using overlay management software or controller applications.

Using the dashboard, you can view all the key information about your wireless systems, configure your devices, run diagnostics, view reports and you are automatically alerted about any important events.

2. Available anywhere

If your business is geographically distributed across multiple locations and/or you have a limited number of IT staff, a cloud-based solution provides you with a simple network management solution that anyone can use. For example, you can self-configure your access points through the cloud.

So, if you need to deploy a new device at a remote site, you don’t need to call in a specialist IT support member. Instead, any employee can plug the device in and turn it on. Then, your administrators can perform the necessary provision, monitoring and diagnostic tasks to set up your device from a remote location. These set-up tasks can all be carried out using the Cisco Meraki dashboard.

3. Robust security

A cloud-managed solution for your wireless network provides a highly automated and cohesive security solution. Your software, applications and network sensors all work together to identify any problems on your wireless network, sending automatic alerts and isolating the issue.

Your software is also automatically updated to protect it against any emerging threats and the most advanced encryption systems are used to protect your corporate information as it passes through the cloud.

4. Low IT costs

One of the key benefits of a cloud-based solution of any kind is that your IT team doesn’t need to maintain in-house servers and infrastructure. You also don’t need to find space in your office for a rack or a server room.

In addition, your maintenance costs are reduced, system failures are eliminated and security updates are automatically carried out. This reduces the likelihood of downtime substantially, and the associated costs of your wireless networks unexpectedly going offline.

5. Meaningful insights

Cloud-based services provide real-time analysis of any incidents on your wireless network, combined with additional feedback and reports, to improve your business decision making.

This allows you to conduct real-time monitoring to help your business optimise its wireless network or create reports to analyse your network performance and improve it going forward.

In conclusion

The world is becoming increasingly distributed and dynamic. As a result, your organisation needs to rethink its network management strategy so you can seamlessly provide, manage and grow your wireless network.

This is where a cloud-managed wireless service can help your business keep pace with the ever-changing digital world. If you’d like to find out more about whether your business is suited to an on-premise or cloud-managed wireless network, contact one of our team, today.

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