3CX v18 here!

The final version of 3CX V18 is here offering best in class audio quality, performance and reliability. With customer communication at the forefront, V18 provides an all-in-one integrated solution to communicate internally and connect with prospects – via voice, live chat or video.

New 3CX Client and Desktop App

With V18 3CX have improved the Web Client and made it available also as a native Windows Desktop App, eliminating the need for the browser extension. The new Desktop App uses the same Electron framework used by Teams and WhatsApp, integrating better with the OS for a more reliable user experience. The Desktop App allows you to answer a call from the page you are working in (example CRM) without having to switch between apps.

Improved Mobile Apps for seamless remote working

  • Better codec management – auto set codec depending on Network (WiFi/3G/4G).
  • Improved reconnection in the case of network changes or drops.
  • Never miss a call – collaborated with Google & Apple to improve reliability of PUSH notifications.
  • Added support for bluetooth and hands-free devices.
  • Siri integration – iOS users can now tell Siri to make calls using 3CX.

Single Sign On (SSO) support

It is now possible to login to the Web Client using your Active Directory, Microsoft 365 or Google account. Local active directory accounts are supported through Microsoft’s free Azure AD Connect service.

Teams integration

The Teams integration offers a cost-effective alternative to MS365’s Calling Plans. Via our Teams SIP proxy, we provide a seamless unified calling experience both for 3CX users dialing Teams users and vice versa. Users can dial out via 3CX SIP trunks using low cost domestic and international tariffs offered by SIP providers in the region. Businesses can cut costs while having a much more powerful PBX to boot.

Voice Engine Reloaded – More performant, more secure

V18 has undergone extensive changes internally to improve audio quality, improve reconnection and strengthen security:

  • A+ in Security – V18 is updated to Debian 10, upgraded to the latest .NET core, OpenSSL and Postgres and now has the latest ciphers. Knocking out the competition on security, 3CX achieved A+ on Qualys labs and A on Immunilabs.
  • Better Codec Management – The mobile apps and web client now use G711 to reduce transcoding, resulting in less processor usage and better audio. Mobile apps use G711 when on WiFi and G729 when on the mobile network.
  • Easy Call encryption with simple SRTP configuration.
  • Over 50% reduction in processor and memory usage.
  • Tunnel merged into the media server for faster recovery from network drops.

How to get V18

V18 is available for Linux (installed using 3CX iso) or a supported cloud provider and Raspberry Pi4. Windows will be available shortly. If your 3CX instance is Hosted by 3CX, we will update to v18 over the next two weeks. Or you can upgrade the system yourself now from the Management Console.


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