The office ain't what it used to be


Less distraction...

There is less idle time, and no tolerance for poor access to the information we need.

As demands on our time increase, we have to make more moments count.


"What is unique, I think, and is certainly different from dealing with bigger companies, is that you can access any of the people you need, whether it’s account management or technical support."
Jenny Carter, IT Manager, Framlingham College

"Peace of mind is rarely found in IT departments, generally due to the fear that anything that can go wrong will. Competing demands of every department in an organisation, frequent technical frustrations, and lack of support make life more difficult still."

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...more focus

Systems should be seen and not heard, and preferably not seen.

In an era where everyone has to adapt, you need systems to scale with you and provide functionality that improves the experience for all. A poorly functioning or incapable system reveals itself as much to IT and communications managers as to users and customers.

Connected all over the place

Home. Office. Mobile. Now you can carry your connection everywhere.

We’re working asynchronously. Is it a result of increasingly global business, or our lifestyle preferences?

Replacing your tired phone system with a software alternative gives you the flexibility to be anywhere, yet remain connected to the business.

Integrated presence, messaging, fax and voicemail creates more opportunities for contact with colleagues as well as customers and suppliers.

What lies beneath

Going digital – for that is what it amounts to – offers tangible benefits, but demands rock solid infrastructure.

The underlying components of network infrastructure keep information moving more efficiently about your business.

We design and deploy new approaches to infrastructure to improve information flows.

Find out how our expertise can transform your network

Less frustration...

If only you could have back half the time you spent waiting...

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones. Perhaps your broadband lives up to its promise.

For everyone else, it’s time we got ourselves some proper internet access.


"They are always looking ahead – they see things that could help us improve how we work or provide new services to our customers."
Melanie Banks-Browne, Chief Executive, John Banks

"As a main dealer we are expected to provide more services for our customers than simply selling and servicing vehicles." Explains Melanie Banks-Browne, Chief Executive of John Banks, a diverse motor dealership, representing motorcar as well as motorcycle brands. “These days people expect wifi everywhere. They want to carry on working while they wait for their cars to be prepared.”

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...more connectivity

Networks, like people, are demanding.

Creating sufficient capacity, shaping and controlling (QoS) traffic and ensuring your people have what they need are all dynamic tasks. Managing congestion and supporting desktops gets in the way of your work, but not attending to either gets in the way of theirs

Flexibility And Availability

Network management is easier when you can see what’s going on.

Cloud-managed wireless is anything but foggy.

A single dashboard gives you sight of network users, their devices, and applications. Powerful analytics show you how to make access decisions and application usage policies to improve the end-user experience while controlling network security.

Faster to the world

Get some Industrial strength internet.

There’s no point mucking about.

We supply high-speed ultra low latency internet access across one of Europe’s largest private networks

You will be plugged into the same global fibre network as the majority of Europe’s access providers.

Less concern...

Always on. Always on guard.

While care for information security never really goes away, it doesn’t mean you should have to sit staring it in the face all day. The same might be said of buildings security – although it’s a slight irony that with wireless security cameras that is exactly what you can do, if you can think of nothing better.


"Zen demonstrated a high level of customer orientation and commitment to solving problems, and they were willing to put their money into the solution... We felt we were dealing with someone who was a supporter, which is different to merely being a supplier."
Bob Baggalley, Chief Executive

"We have more than 60 different suppliers providing products and services to the agency and you quickly discover that there’s a huge spectrum of ways of doing business."

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...more confidence

Agility is the source of competitiveness.

The more you can outsource, the quicker you can adopt alternative approaches and new ways of working to improve your company’s capacity to compete.

Find out about managed services for network and buildings security.

Build Your Own Deterrent

You want a big gateway to the internet from anywhere, but you don’t want the door open to just anyone.

Network security is as vital as capacity, especially now everyone wants access from everywhere.

What’s needed are advanced network security and management tools built into the wifi network to ensure that you’re completely in control of access.

Outsourcing service management

The threat is real.

The advantages and opportunities associated to technology investment are substantial, but it would be mad to imagine that they come completely without risk.

The threat of cyber attack is a real one, particularly in any business which routinely handles other people’s data.

Physical security is equally important – although bear in mind it’s not often the hardware they want, its the information.

Less guesswork

Our entire approach is about enabling you to get more than you pay for

With an IT outsource, how well they understand your operating environment and your people influences the success of the system design – and the design greatly affects the extent of the value it adds.

More insight

To understand how we do this, we can do no better than introduce you to some of our customers.

If you still want convincing, let's talk.

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