Zenification – the art of making technology disappear

We founded our business on the belief that technology working properly for your business should be largely invisible.

If well designed, an architecture creates space rather than restrictions – people quickly feel that the network is intrinsic to their ways of working and that makes it seem less prominent.

It should only reveal itself in ways beneficial to the business, like influencing new behaviours, or uncovering new insights about the business and how people interact with it.

Such assets inform business management decisions and lead to commercial advantages, whether for cost saving, competitiveness or customer preference.

There’s a whole lot more to outsourcing than transferring the agony of IT

The advantages of intelligent systems design and roll out of enabling technologies and services have hitherto been unmanageably complex or expensive for most smaller or medium sized businesses.

Our model changes that.

We can design, install and support systems that enable your company to focus on its core business and its people to accomplish their goals.

By matching our knowledge of technologies to an in-depth understanding of your needs and aspirations we’re able to help design and manage structures that give you the space to operate more freely.

Making your lives simpler, not more complicated, easier, not more difficult, freer, not more dependent.

How’s that for a bit of Zen?
Meet the team
Adam Howard-Dobson

Adam Howard-Dobson

Finance Director

Cherry blossom dies,
But every spreadsheet’s beauty
Lies in the balance.

Adam is a gifted planner and a serial entrepreneur.

In addition to his responsibility for operations at Zen Systems, he is an accomplished violinist and drone pilot.

Alaistair Howard-Dobson

Alaistair Howard-Dobson

Technical Director

The Zen you will find
In the system is only
The Zen you encode.

Alaistair’s inspiration is the soul of Zen Systems.

His talent for systems design is reflected in a passion for photographic composition.

James Howard-Dobson

James Howard-Dobson

Business Development Director

We talked about work!
Surely this long boozy lunch
Is on expenses?

Clients aver that working with Zen is always a delight; James sets the tone.

Never turn down his invitations… As an entree he had a career as a Hospitality Manager.