Network infrastructure

It’s wifi everywhere. That’s what, in rather a short time, we’ve all come to expect.

While the hardware and software to live up to that expectation is widespread, the tools to manage its deployment – and, critically, its security – are fewer.

Cisco Meraki

100% cloud-managed, Zen uses Cisco Meraki to create wireless networks throughout your business – connecting employees on desktop, laptop, and mobile platforms.

Uncommon to other systems, it gives complete control of guest access points, traffic, and connected devices easily from anywhere. That’s true of single or multi-site networks – you can manage an entire international wifi network from one screen, anywhere.

Wireless LAN – indoor and outdoor access

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed wireless is quick to deploy and easily managed, giving you a clear picture of network use and performance.

Built for performance

Cisco Meraki access points are built from high quality components, giving faster connections, better capacity and more coverage than inferior boxes.

Good visibility

The Cisco Meraki dashboard gives you sight of network users, their devices, and applications. Armed with powerful analytics, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies to improve the end-user experience while controlling network security.

Simple dashboard management

The Meraki dashboard provides clear visibility and control over all of your Security Appliances from any Internet-accessible device. View networked clients, bandwidth consumption, and application usage across all sites—and push policies to block, shape, or whitelist activity to optimize performance and user experience.

Multi-site management made easy

Managing your entire network (LAN, WAN and wireless LAN) is possible through a single screen, eliminating the cost and headache of on-site wireless controllers.

A simple web dashboard gives you access to all necessary management functions from anywhere.

Future proof

Over-the-web upgrades enhance your network management with new features, adding new possibilities and accommodating emerging device types and application profiles.

Safety fast – secure your sites in minutes

Cisco Meraki Security Appliances can be activated rapidly via the Cloud. Synchronize security settings across thousands of sites using templates. Securely connect branch locations in three clicks on Meraki’s web dashboard.

Every Cisco Meraki Security Appliance supports several features, like a stateful firewall and integrated Sourcefire intrusion prevention (IPS) engine, to secure your networks. Threat definitions and filter lists are seamlessly updated, ensuring every MX has up to date protection from the latest vulnerabilities and troublesome websites.

Managed bandwidth

SD-WAN capabilities improve resource usage, allowing you to use available bandwidth more efficiently and ensure the highest possible level of performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or data privacy.

Powerful network switches

Multigigabit Ethernet squeezes more speed out of existing cabling. Switches can be physically stacked via dedicated lightning-fast cabling and cross-stack link aggregation used to create a resilient connection to the network core using all available bandwidth.

Remote port management

Meraki pioneered the concept of Virtual Stacking, making it possible to manage thousands of ports simultaneously, regardless of the physical location of switches. Simply choose a common characteristic, perhaps ports tagged ‘VoIP’, search by that tag, then edit each port to define settings appropriate for IP telephony, such as Voice, VLAN or PoE.

Protect the network

Simply design access policies requiring approved login credentials or MAC addresses for any kind of device looking to connect to either data or voice VLANs.

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