How to use 3CX: to work from home (or anywhere!)

It’s essential to get the most out of your businesses’ communication system, especially when we’re all working from home these days. And let’s not beat around the bush, 3CX is an awesome system if your’re working from home!

The productivity and communication benefits of 3CX are incredible, once you and your team really know how to use all of its great features.

In this series of free training videos we guide you into how to get started with 3CX and then move on to some of its more advanced features.

With over 10 years’ of experience with voice and the 3CX platform, we’re here to help you get the most out of the platform.

If you have any questions, please leve them in the comments for each video, or send us an email to and we’ll be more than happy to help.

How to use 3CX

An overview of the 3CX Web Client

An introduction to the 3CX Web Client, how to login and a quick feature review.

How to make calls in 3CX

There are lots of ways to make calls in 3CX, in this video James takes you through them.

How to transfer a call in 3CX

What’s the difference between a ‘blind transfer’ and an ‘attended transfer in 3CX?

How to change your availabilty status in 3CX

A quick video to show you how to change your status in 3CX.

How to set up an Audio Conference in 3CX

In this video James shows you how to create and audio conference in 3CX.

How to use 3CX Website Live Chat and Talk

3CX Live Chat is a powerful feature that adds live chat, voice and video to your website.