Interoute Hosting

Imagine an IT system big enough to cope with anything. Think international networks, dual data centre solutions, and access to customers all around the world.

If this is what you need, there’s only one place to go.

Interoute VDC Hosting

We use Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre to create cloud-hosting environments, integrating IT assets easily and keeping everyone connected.

Interoute is the owner operator of Europe’s largest network. Its 70,000km of fibre connect the business hubs of Europe and interconnects America, Africa and Asia.

But there’s more to having big partners than size alone. We use Interoute’s infrastructure and capacity to give you all the connectivity, communications and computing services you need – making life more manageable, more efficient, and helping everyone get on, uninterrupted.

Infrastructure as a service

People across the globe rely on cloud-based services, but they are nothing without connectivity. Interoute’s fibre network connects 126 cities in 29 countries, 15 data centres, 17 virtual data centres, 33 collocations facilities and has connections to an additional 195 partner-owned data centres.

It was originally designed to serve European telecoms operators with high-capacity, big-bandwidth services, but as demand for digital communications has grown, it is now possible to use Interoute’s network to provide infrastructure products, managed solutions, and applications.

interoute hosting
interoute hosting
Network integration

Zen provides flexible hosting solutions tailored to meet specific business requirements. Its coverage of data centres across Europe makes it easy for businesses to be closer to their end users, regardless of the location.

Data centres are directly connected and interconnected though the Interoute pan-European network. Its architecture leverages network capabilities and geographical proximity to direct users to the nearest data centre, thus improving access speeds or serving targeted content for multiple locations across Europe.

Dual data centre solutions

Interoute hosting provides data centre services that can be configured to span two data centres within a metropolitan area (within 100km), in order to support multi-site redundancy and automated failover.

These active/active multi-site solutions deliver against extreme uptime demands. Through Interoute, we can also provide a second data centre, located within another city or country on Interoute’s pan-European network. Data can be replicated to a redundant infrastructure at a secondary site, significantly reducing risks associated with operating a single data centre.

interoute hosting
Interoute hosting offers the best possible combination of network access and cloud hosting performance for companies in Europe – connecting businesses to customers worldwide.
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