Customer Stories 

“What is unique, I think, and is certainly different from dealing with bigger companies, is that you can access any of the people you need, whether it’s account management or technical support.”
Jenny Carter, IT Manager, Framlingham College

Peace of mind is rarely found in IT departments, generally due to the fear that anything that can go wrong will. Competing demands of every department in an organisation, frequent technical frustrations, and lack of support make life more difficult still.

“I think what impressed us most was their knowledge and experience which was far away from other telephony suppliers.”
Colin Kelly, ICT Manager, Insight Financial Services

Insight Financial Services(IFS) has eight locations around the South East comprising a group of related but distinct companies in the business of financial advice,  commercial property and land agency. To improve the efficiency of the group it naturally seeks to operate a single IT and communications platform – sharing investment between the companies.

“They are always looking ahead – they see things that could help us improve how we work or provide new services to our customers.”
Melanie Banks-Browne, Chief Executive, John Banks

“As a main dealer we are expected to provide more services for our customers than simply selling and servicing vehicles.” Explains Melanie Banks-Brown, Chief Executive of John Banks, a diverse motor dealership, representing motorcar as well as motorcycle brands. “These days people expect wifi everywhere. They want to carry on working while they wait for their cars to be prepared.”

“I genuinely believe we won’t get the same elsewhere. They’re excited about the work, about our business and where we’re going, and they want to be part of making it a success.”
Mitch Bailey, IT Manager, Austin Fraser

“Sometimes you connect with a company – they get you – but it is rare… many suppliers you won’t speak to more than once a quarter, when you call them up because you want to buy something or there’s a problem. Then in the conversation they might wonder how things are going for you, but it leaves you thinking, well, it would be nice if you occasionally asked…rather than waiting for me to call up for an issue.”

“Zen demonstrated a high level of customer orientation and commitment to solving problems, and they were willing to put their money into the solution.”
Bob Baggalley, Chief Executive

We have more than 60 different suppliers providing products and services to the agency and you quickly discover that there’s a huge spectrum of ways of doing business.

Zen’s attitude is distinctive because they have an ethical approach, to such an extent that I am convinced it is their priority to provide the best possible system and service to solve the challenges we face in our business. I think that comes first, ahead of doing what might suit other businesses.”

“It’s not like dealing with an IT giant and sending a job ticket into a kind of black hole in the hope that it might one day be answered.”
Russell Fage, Business Manager, RTG Rail Services

“We began by asking Zen to provide IT support and PC support across the whole of RTG’s business.” explains Russell Fage, RTG Rail Services, a specialist training company for the rail industry. “The IT and desktop support included looking after the network and server, but overtime we’ve added support for fibre broadband and
telephony, substantially because of the quality of service they offer.”